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Play with your imagination

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Hello! I am Anastasia, the creator of LadyAncollages.

Traveling is my passion since childhood and that is what makes me inspired for catching the moments and turning them into photo memories. Evolving in this field, I found some of them incomplete, somehow empty and decided to try adding some other elements, images and illustrations from random magazines. That is how I create totally new stories, expanding the imagination.

Presently Anastasia I live Indonesia. My “perfect world” is combination of impressions collected from all over the world. I keep explore new visions, cultures and express them in my artworks. I am proud to take part in group and solo exhibitions, especially if they are devoted to mainstream topics as modern ecology, food, and such.

My artworks are performed in the mixedmedia art. Each surreal collage is a kind of invitation to an exciting journey to a world of fantasy for everyone. My main goal is to make people play with your imagination, dream and create your own unique stories based on the artworks. The colourful and cheerful artworks could be the perfect gift idea or an interior decoration.

Just notice that each time you look at the artworks, you find yourself seeing a totally new story that depends on your mood and a surrounding atmosphere.

Collages’ variety:

• custom-made – if you willing to add a personal touch to collages, all of your requirements will be met like any specific details, pictures, colors, theme, etc.

• ready-made – which are performed at my Etsy store

Types of collages:

• the scanned artworks numbered from 1 to 10 and signed (each collage has 10 copies only)

• original handmade artwork (any size)

The images can be printed on photo paper or canvas and framed.